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      Spirits of Guotong:unity and mutual assistance,good faith,loving career.

      Tenets of Guotong:Establishing good relations with clients for mutual benefit .

      Stratagem of Guotong:people foremost , science and technology at guide ,strive for development on the basis of quality and innovation.

      Products of Guotong:Safe and reliable usages;reasonable prices.

      Managing ideas of Guotong:details can make or mar,execution can decide effect .communication can determine value.

      Quality policies of Guotong:strictly control purchasesell and products quality.

      Environment policies of Guotong:well working site,be delight and diligent on working.

      Talent ideas of Guotong:respect knowledge and person with ability,fair competition.

      Staffs of Guotong:regarding factory as home ,mutual estimation.