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      Products > Protector for electric motors > DGTBH-01 protector for compressor

      DGTBH-01 protector for compressor

      Price: 0.00

      一、The main technical criteria of protecto

      1Source Voltage: AC110V; 50HZ.

      2Ambient Temperature: 2060.

      3The Contact Rating of Relay: AC250V, max6A,300VA ind.

      4Operating Time of Relay: more than 1×10 times.

      5Operating Point for Protecting: PTC more than 4.5KΩ.

      6Switch Perdurability Time:5min±15

      7IP Degree of Protection:IP00


      二、The Working Process of Protector

      The functional block diagram of protector as follows:

      he protector mainly make of the power module, the integrate circuitIC with high-precision timing function and the relay with long-lived, could work in extensive series of operating voltage and work in very hostile environment. Its high performance design meets protecting requirements of all kinds of electric motors.

      After the protector is switched on, it operates smoothly. The relay operating and the contact in open circuit when the thermosensitive element PTC reaches normal response temperature, and its resistance is 4.5 KΩ.

      The timer start up, after 5 mins, relay operating .the contact in close circuit. When PTC resistance declines to less than 2.5 KΩ. So the protector make purpose for protecting electric motors, avoid over-heat lead to burnning electric motors.


      三、Using connection graph of protector.

      熱敏元件(thermosensitive element)保護輸出(protecting output



      四、Installation requirements.

      35mm standard guide rail installation or bottom direct installation.



      Protector for Air-condition compressor


      Source Voltage:AC110V50HZ.

      Contact Rating:AC250V,6A

      Operating Time:5min±15.


      六、Using Notice:

      1.You must read this specifications before using this product.

      2.Please specific note“Notice”and make a safety design  when you use this product.

      A.Please strictly according to “using connection graph of protector””connect peripheral equipment.

      B. Installation and teardown must be in the situation of close power  source

      C. The line of connection must keep contact well.

      D. Check for it well, then the current is switched on.

      E. Please use in the specification of temperature series

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